Dong Nai to build homes despite pollution warnings 27/03/2015, 08:32:23 AM (VNS)-The Dong Nai People's Committee said it plans to go ahead with housing construction on land reclaimed from the Dong Nai River despite a warning from the Viet Nam River Network that it would harm the river.
City expands wastewater treatment plant 12/02/2015, 08:44:00 AM (VNS)-The HCM City Urban Civil Works Construction Investment Management Authority has started work on a package to improve HCM City's urban and domestic sanitation by expanding the daily capacity of a large-scale Binh Hung sewage treatment facility from 141,000 to 469,000 cubic metres.
Underground water in rural areas becoming polluted 07/02/2015, 10:24:57 AM (VietNamNet Bridge)-Scientists have warned that underground water in rural areas near industrial zones is becoming seriously polluted and depleted.
West Lake: green lung or dead basin? 17/12/2014, 01:30:49 PM (VietNamNet Bridge)-Ho Tay, or West Lake, once known as the “green lung” of the capital city of Hanoi, is dying slowly due to rapid urbanization.
Vietnam modernises industrial waste water observation 19/11/2014, 12:01:24 PM (VNA)-Studies related to the observation of industrial waste water discharged from industrial zones (IZs) in Vietnam through mobile analysing stations were introduced at a seminar in Hanoi on November 18.
Once-poetic Day River in Hanoi now a black, polluted mess 17/11/2014, 10:10:14 AM (VietNamNet Bridge )-From September to January, the romantic Day River praised in many Vietnamese poems, which traverses Hanoi’s suburban districts, has turned black due to pollution from waste water coming from its upper stream.
Hanoi hamlet must rely on water from polluted pond 05/11/2014, 08:41:00 AM (VietNamNet Bridge)-Nearly one thousand households in Ngoc Than hamlet of Ngoc My commune in Hanoi say the high number of cancer cases in the locality are due to polluted water from a large pond that they use every day.
HCM City’s dwellers look forward to clean water 16/04/2014, 11:57:22 AM (VietNamNet Bridge )-Unable to access the city’s tap-water resources, Ho Chi Minh City’s suburbanites must use water from wells they dig themselves. But the underground water is getting seriously polluted.
Ammonia hits groundwater in Ha Nam 01/04/2014, 09:13:45 PM (VNS)-Ammonia in groundwater in the northern Ha Nam Province exceeds permitted levels by hundreds of times, according to officials of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
The salt water season comes in Mekong River Delta 31/03/2014, 11:56:19 AM (VietNamNet Bridge)-The sea water rise and the salinity intrusion has made the people in Mekong River Delta suffer.
Tay Ninh shuts polluting rubber processors 17/02/2014, 04:00:20 PM (VNS)-The Tay Ninh Province's People's Committee has accepted a petition from the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment to shut down all rubber and cassava processing establishments that discharge waste water directly into the environment.
HCMC to have largest wastewater treatment plant in SE Asia 15/02/2014, 03:39:51 PM (Tuoitrenews)-As part a World Bank-funded project, a wastewater treatment plant capable of treating up to 450,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day for Ho Chi Minh City is being designed the Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management, a German company.
Wastewater treatment brings enormous benefits 14/02/2014, 12:43:24 PM (VOV)-A recent study has revealed the economic benefits of wastewater collection and treatment systems far surpass their investment costs.
Vietnam calls for private investment for waste water treatment 12/02/2014, 11:53:03 AM (VietNamNet Bridge)-Vietnam has been advised to call for capital from different investment sources to develop waste water treatment projects, or the state will have to pay $780 million a year, or 1.3 percent of GDP, to cover the economic losses caused by the poor hygiene.
Vietnam must improve waste water treatment 27/01/2014, 09:56:51 AM (VNS)-Viet Nam needs about US$8.3 billion to provide waste water treatment services to its 36 million urban residents by 2025, according to a World Bank report released last week.
New technology to combat illegal wildlife trade in 12/05/2015, 07:54:01 AM (MOITRUONG.COM.VN)-WildScan, an endangered species identification and response mobile phone application, was launched in Vietnam today to provide local law enforcement officials with an effective tool to combat wildlife trafficking.
Waste importers to pay security deposits 08/05/2015, 08:19:13 AM (VNS)-Individuals and organisations that import waste materials for production purposes must pay security deposits up to 20 per cent of the imported goods' value from the middle of next month.
Buddhist monk spends life saving rare bamboo speci 04/05/2015, 08:31:56 AM (VNS)-Buddhist bikku (monk) Thich The Tuong has been working hard to turn his one hectare farm into a bamboo conservatory on the Son Tra Mountain, which protects over 110 bamboo species.
Viet Nam's elephants on brink of extinction 27/04/2015, 09:15:46 AM (VNS)-Experts and conservationists are calling for increased funding and efforts to save the dwindling number of elephants in Viet Nam.
Grievous misuse of environmental protection fees 27/04/2015, 09:03:01 AM (VIR)-An attempt to misuse environmental protection fees collected from miners was uncovered by a Vietnam Minerals Coalition survey.
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